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Albion College
Corresponding Faculty Member: Ken Saville,
This abstract will NOT be considered for a talk.
Salacia Bacteriophage Annotation
Kenzie Bush, Nicola Milosavljevic, Christopher Reedy, Emma Schlachter,, Katie Wright, Hannah Schoon, Anna Miller, Hernan Rico, Katie Volker, Sadhna Ramanathan, Ken Saville

Bacteriophage are viruses that infect bacteria and use them as hosts. Bacteriophage research is being performed to use phages as a potential treatment of bacterial infection and diseases. The purpose of this project was to examine the genome of the Mycobacteriophage Salacia and to annotate its genome using DNA Master, NCBI BLAST, Phamerator, and other programs used for bioinformatics. Salacia was isolated in the previous semester by the Albion College Virus Hunters class. The annotation process took about five to six weeks to complete. By the end of the project, some genes were added to DNA Master and some genes were removed. The final gene count for Salacia was 259, including 30 tRNAs. Examples of a few specific gene annotations are presented here. Annotation of Salacia could potentially be used to analyze other C1 phages and determine additional protein functions.