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Updates to Starterator output

| posted 05 Jun, 2017 19:27
Based on feedback and suggestions from users over the spring I have updated the starterator output for the current pham reports that are posted to the web site.

You can compare the old version with the new version

This new format will be used from version 119 (the version posted today) of the database and beyond. Please feel free to post any feedback (good or bad) on this new format.
Edited 05 Jun, 2017 19:29
| posted 14 Aug, 2017 16:22
Chris - I found today that some phams aren't linking to reports from PECAAN, and then I checked your direct link above to your starterator website and found that the highest Pham # available is 32344, while the phams I was trying to view all had a higher number than that. The files all show a run date of 8/7/17. Is it possible that not all phams were updated or generated on that date?

| posted 14 Aug, 2017 17:47
Likely a database update issue since I was not able to login and update the database for about a week. I just posted the most recent version of the database to the starterator website. Check now and post again if still missing.
| posted 14 Aug, 2017 17:59
Working now!
Thanks, Chris
| posted 21 Aug, 2017 22:53
Hi Chris,
The pham links on PECAAN to Starterator and phagesDB phams don't link to the same actual groups of genes. Web Phamerator seems to match to the phagesDB pham, so I can't find the new corresponding pham numbers in starterator. The starterator build date is 8/16/17, but I'm not sure which one the web phamerator and PhagesDB phams are on. Any suggestions to connecting these back together?

| posted 22 Aug, 2017 16:29
Sorry about that, we are having network upgrades here that have made it difficult to run the starterator updates. Until these are fixed starterator may lag a bit more than usual on when updates get posted.

There was also a rollback of the phamerator database from version 141 back to version 140. I just rolled the starterator reports back so all the reports at should now be in sync with version 140 which was run on 8/14/17 and should match phagesdb and
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