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| posted 02 Jun, 2020 22:08
No problem. Hopefully this will keep someone else from banging their head! ha!

Posted in: DNA MasterCorrupt DNAM5 File - Features not visible in table
| posted 02 Jun, 2020 22:07
No problem. Hopefully this will keep someone else from banging their head! ha!

Posted in: DNA MasterCorrupt DNAM5 File - Features not visible in table
| posted 02 Jun, 2020 21:29
Hi all.

I just ran into a DNA Master error that I've not seen in the five plus years we have been in the program. I searched the forums, but did not find a solution.

PROBLEM: A newly saved DNAM5 file when reopened did not list the features in the feature table. The documentation appeared correct. I could see all the features listed correctly with coordinates and functions in the documentation. I went through the process described in the Annotation Guide to "Parse the Documentation". That is linked here: However, this did not resolve the problem on the original DNAM5 file.

SOLUTION: I watched this video where Welkin Pope describes how to repair a corrupted DNAM5 file.

I went through all the steps that she included. When I opened the repacked file, I still could not see any features listed in the feature list.

Then I went back to the documentation tab and could see the features listed there.

One more reparse recreated the features in the feature tab.

Now everything has been restored EXCEPT that the Blast Data appears to have been lost. There were two blast file in the directory. (QBlastHit0.MB and QBlastHSP0.MB) However, that data was apparently not pulled in on the repackaging. I'll rerun the Blast analysis tonight.

FINAL COMMENT: The one step I needed to add beyond Welkin's video was to reprase the documentation after the repackaged file was created. Good luck!
Edited 02 Jun, 2020 22:07
Posted in: DNA MasterCorrupt DNAM5 File - Features not visible in table
| posted 14 May, 2020 18:12
Debbie. I just want to make certain I am making calls correctly. The responses above left me a bit uncertain. I'm going to ask a couple of follow-up questions. Admittedly I have not looked into Jamie's genome closely. But the responses above are making us question a call we made on Phage Heath gp71.

Let's look at this from general gene calls initially, if I may.

1. If I were looking at HHPred results for any gene and saw 10 or more hits, all with similar protein functions, covering nearly half the protein with a probability of over 98% and e-values of 10^-6 or better I would lean toward calling the HHPred identified function. Wouldn't this be strong enough supporting evidence for at least considering?

2. If the same gene had a first HHPred hit that is the second HHPred hit for the Official Function List reference gene, I would again feel more confident with the function call, even if no one else in the SEA had noticed it previously. Is this consideration wrong?

3. If that first HHPred hit is a protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, I would tend to feel even more confident the call is correct, even though no other PhagesDB Blast hits to the protein have ID'd this function. Is this consideration wrong?

At that point, I would likely assign function based upon HHPred analysis results alone.

Again, I don't know all the details in Jamie's phage and how strong his hits are. We were about to switch the call to "Hypothetical Protein" based upon the response above. But my gut tells me I need to ask these questions to make certain. I may have been doing this wrong in the past. IDK.

The HHPred output link to (Heath_gp71) the gene we are now questioning is here:

That linked output will likely go away in 20-30 days. So I will attach the results in a pdf for future reference.

The HHPred hit 6DVC_F (our first hit) is the second hit for the reference phage gene (Nerujay_52) for RNA Polymerase Sigma Factor. We thought this would be enough supporting evidence.

But we don't want to call it if it should not be. We, also don't want to "band wagon" and call it like everyone else, if this is sufficient supporting evidence to make a functional call.

Thanks for any additional clarification you can provide on using HHPred hits alone for function assignment.

Posted in: AnnotationFunction for Gene 1 of EK1 Phages
| posted 12 May, 2020 16:01
I had not realized there was a problem with MacOS10 Catalina until COVID caused us to disperse. Students with Macs had been relying on the PCs in the university computer labs. Once they did not have access, we had to scramble.

The easiest solution I could find (I have not used a Mac in years other than to keep my wife's iMac running), was to give students instructions on how to run "Boot Camp" on their Macs and install Windows 10 as a second boot environment. MS Win10 is free to our students through the university. Every student that needed to install DNA Master on their Mac with MacOS Catalina, was able to do so. Instructions on installing MS Win10 with Boot Camp on a Mac are available here:

Hopefully this is helpful. Greg
Posted in: DNA MasterThe Future of Wine on OS
| posted 31 Mar, 2020 21:57
Hi all.

The great COVID-19-diaspora of 2020 has revealed some student-errors. Apparently a number were relying solely on the computer lab PCs and never got DNA Master installed on their MacBooks. I helped those that came to me. But I have 3-4 who don't have it installed.

QUESTION: Has anyone found a way to install the Wine DNA Master package on a Mac running the Catalina 10.15.x Mac OS? The DNA Master software acts like it is installing. An icon displays on the desktop. But once clicked, the DNA Master icon just bounces and does nothing more.

Working remotely is making it difficult to troubleshoot. So I'm hoping you all have suggestions.

Thanks. Greg
Posted in: Using WINE to run DNA Master on a MacLink to Baylor box
| posted 28 Feb, 2020 15:51
OK "Smarty Pants". You were right. There are indeed two "Ns" at the end of the sequence.

However, we do not know how to remove them (or how they got inserted).

For completion sake on this thread, could you please describe the process for removing them?

(My student has deleted them, changed the feature list, posted and saved. But the "Ns" return in the saved .DNAM5 file once reopened. So a functional protocol would be very helpful and might help others down the road. By the way, the student thinks you must be a wizard to have known about the Ns! smile )
Edited 28 Feb, 2020 15:52
Posted in: DNA MasterNucleotide Length On Files Different - How? How to fix?
| posted 27 Feb, 2020 23:06
We just attempted to merge the DNAM5 files from 4 different students. Apparently, 2 somehow change the DNA sequence length. Two genomes are 2bp longer than the original. They have completed the annotation of their section of the genome. But because of the different lengths, we cannot merge files.


1. Is there a way to align the two DNA sequence files to determine where the nucleotides have been added or deleted?

2. If not, what is the easiest solution.


The students can see where the genome length actually changed in their various file reiteration and save. They have gone back to the file with the correct genome length and are copying notes from the version with the wrong length. They are also readjusting start codons for each gene.

Is there an easier way to do this? Obviously had we noticed the 2bp length change when it happened would could have eliminated a lot of work by going one file iteration back instead of about 20…. {Frowny face emoji}
Edited 27 Feb, 2020 23:07
Posted in: DNA MasterNucleotide Length On Files Different - How? How to fix?
| posted 23 Jan, 2020 21:17
The server (or our network) apparently came back online shortly after class ended at 10:30am CST. It may have been our network. Who knows.

Since we are still in "training mode" we just had the students huddle around those computers which would update.

Thanks for the response. gf
Edited 23 Jan, 2020 21:17
Posted in: DNA MasterDNA Master Failing to Update - 01.23.2020
| posted 23 Jan, 2020 15:13
Is anyone else having difficulty updating DNA Master this morning?

It's 9:08AM CST and over half our lab computers (all of which have updated fine previously) are not able to progress beyond 67% in the update.

Anybody else?
Posted in: DNA MasterDNA Master Failing to Update - 01.23.2020